I have graduated at different times in both Psychology and Fine Art and am a member of SOCKET, an East Midlands collective of visual artists.



A member of Socket

Link: http://www.socketart.org.uk/

Barbara Clayton

Visual Artist


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I am an artist and a psychologist and these dual strands of my life are very complementary. Psychology is about the understanding of people beneath the veneer they may present to outsiders, understanding how they function and make sense of the world. Art for me is also about getting beneath the surface, exposing the essence of my subject matter rather than producing a representation of what can be seen or photographed.


“Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see”. Paul Klee


I experiment with conventional and unconventional media to create surface textures built from layers of expression in an attempt to capture a sense, a feeling of objects with history. Both monumental objects such as the ancient spherical Moeraki boulders in New Zealand or everyday items like ironmongery now rusting after a life of service have the power to inspire if you pause and let them reveal their secrets.

Exhibitions include Nottingham venues at the Carnival of Monsters, The Atrium, Lace Market Theatre, Bromley House Library, Lady Bay Arts Festival and Summer Exhibitions at the Djanogly Gallery. Also the Tarpey Gallery in Castle Donington, Sock Gallery in Loughborough, Deda in Derby, Carsington Reservoir Visitor Centre and The Curve, Leicester.


You can also view my work at http://www.socketart.org.uk/artist/barbara-clayton/ and you can follow me on Facebook, click here...