I engage in many forms of visual art including mark making. painting, photography and printmaking

My drawings are influenced by the experience of time, the way this differs from time as measured by clocks. Human experience of time fluctuates according to emotional state, racing by on some occasions but almost grinding to a halt on others.


I am interested in how small marks integrate to create texture and form and I often allow the process of drawing to occur at a subconscious level over many hours when rhythms emerge slowly in an organic manner and the protracted process reinforces the sense of time which inspires my work.


In the same way minutes pass without apparent significance and yet become the building blocks of more interesting times, innocuous marks on a surface accumulate to produce an unexpected entity that may be satisfying or perplexing.




“Good art speaks truth, indeed is truth, perhaps the only truth”. Iris Murdoch




Exhibitions include Nottingham venues at the Carnival of Monsters, The Atrium, Lace Market Theatre, Bromley House Library, Lady Bay Arts Festival and Summer Exhibitions at the Djanogly Gallery. Also the Tarpey Gallery in Castle Donington, Sock Gallery in Loughborough, Deda in Derby, Carsington Reservoir Visitor Centre and The Curve, Leicester.


You can also view my work at http://www.socketart.org.uk/artist/barbara-clayton/ and you can follow me on Facebook, click here...