Carnival Of Monsters

The Carnival Of Monsters

Barton House, 61 High Road, Chilwell, Nottingham

Nottinghamshire, NG9 4AJ, UK



Seeing the stark emptiness of Bartons for the first time, it was the structure of the buildings which came into sharp focus. Stripped of its function as a bus depot, the eye settled on roof supports, architectural features and surface texture, details normally overshadowed. The strange beauty of such features prompted me to take a fresh look at my home, searching beyond the comfort and superficial aesthetics to explore aspects which didn’t normally enter my consciousness – the space occupied by the buildings on the plot, the behind-the-scenes power supply that serviced the house, the hardware that allowed the house to function, important elements which had previously eluded my attention and deserved greater prominence.

Exhibitions include Nottingham venues at the Carnival of Monsters, The Atrium, Lace Market Theatre, Bromley House Library, Lady Bay Arts Festival and Summer Exhibitions at the Djanogly Gallery. Also the Tarpey Gallery in Castle Donington, Sock Gallery in Loughborough, Deda in Derby, Carsington Reservoir Visitor Centre and The Curve, Leicester.


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